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Family-Owned Business

Island Custom Coops was founded in 2023 by Sean and Glauci Doherty as an accidental passion project turned post-COVID budding business.



Our journey as chicken tenders began as many others’ have recently: with the skyrocketing price of eggs post-COVID.  I joked to Glauci one day after another complaint about paying $7+ for a dozen eggs, “Why don’t we just get our own chickens?”  Apparently she didn’t take it as a joke, as just a couple of weeks later she had done all of her research on how many and what chickens she wanted.  And as is custom, I would be granted the duty of creating our very own chicken coop!


We wanted to save costs being our first foray into the homestead life, and I had grown very interested in the idea of repurposing wooden pallets.  Thus, our plan to create a “pallet-coop” for our pallets was hatched!


Well, the time invested in designing and creating that coop was far more than we could have imagined.  I spent endless hours pulling apart pallets, re-milling and cutting the wood to size, and finally assembling what would be our first of many coops to come.


After the pallet-coop was nearly completed Glauci asked if we could list it for sale and possibly create something even bigger and more extravagant now that we knew what we were doing (sorta).  We listed the pallet coop on FB Marketplace (albeit a bit underpriced) and were flooded with interest within half an hour!  Maybe we could actually make a business out of this??


From there, we started working with our clients who had reached out to that initial post, honing our building and marketing skills in the process.  Within a month of that first FB post, we had created and sold 6 custom coops to order and had many more orders lined up for the following months.  We were still flying by the seat of our pants in a sense, but were gaining invaluable experience with every sale.


We are still a fledgling business in many ways, but are so happy and honored to work with such great customers on a weekly basis in creating dream homes for their feathered friends.

the owners of Island Custom Coops on the steps of their very own chicken coop
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