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Welcome to Our Farmstand!

Welcome to Unique Nest, our cozy little backyard homestead farmstand where it is all about community connection and embracing a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Our journey began with always trying our best not to waste anything in our house. However, it wasn't until we made the decision to cook from scratch that things truly changed. Homeschooling my special needs child opened our eyes to a whole new world of daily life skills. We started making our own sourdough bread and even added backyard chickens for fresh eggs, reducing our visits to the grocery store. Quickly, this passion for sustainability grew. We began selling freshly baked sourdough bread to our family, friends, and neighbors. Delivering the bread has become my son's favorite activity. "Fresh bread!" he exclaims when handing over the warm loaves straight from the oven. It brings our family so much joy to watch his excitement.

We are eager to offer you easy steps to get into sustainability, meet your people and enjoy this wonderful simple life.


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Items are subject to availability. We can't wait to nourish you!

Want to make your own bread?

Join one of our workshops, and we will teach you!

Lisa B.

I had a very pleasant experience learning how to make sourdough bread and maintaining my starter! Within one day I was able to make two loafs of bread for my family! Highly recommended taking a class with Island Custom Coops if you are serious about learning how to make and maintain a starter for sourdough bread and other yummy items! Looking forward to doing additional events in the future.

I took a sourdough baking workshop here and it was amazing! Everyone was so nice; I learned so much (much easier than teaching myself through YouTube videos), and I was sent home with a starter AND a loaf to bake myself the next morning. If you want to learn how to bake sourdough, I can’t recommend this workshop enough! I will definitely be back to buy some sourdough because the bread we tried at the workshop was SO good! 10/10 experience all around!

I cannot say enough good things about Island Custom Coops. Not only do they make the most stunning coops, but they offer so much more! I recently attended their sourdough workshop and learned so much from Glauci and Sean. We all got to try different types of sourdough, got a hands-on tutorial, and got to take home a starter AND dough to bake the next day! 10/10 recommend!

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