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Site Prep Instructions

Congratulations!! We are SO excited for you to get your new custom coop!

While we get busy working to turn your dream coop into a reality, we need you to prepare a few things at home to allow for a successful delivery and installation:

  1. Because your coop will be delivered fully assembled, ensure that the coop that you order can fit through any fences or gates needed.  For example, if you have a 3-foot gate that your coop needs to fit through, then we will need to ensure that your coop has at least one side whose length is less than 3 feet.  

  2. Ensure that the final resting area for your coop is well-leveled.  We can work with a little undulation if you are just ordering a coop, but for a full coop and run install, we will need a level workspace to ensure that your coop and run can be set up correctly and securely.  

  3. Our coops are heavy and we will need a hand upon arriving at your house.  Depending on the size of the coop you order, we will need anywhere from 1-3 able-bodied adults to help move your coop to its final position.  Any transportation over 100 feet from the trailer bed to the final install site may require an additional fee. 

site of a custom chicken coop
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