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  • What does the design process look like?
    We start by asking some general questions about the number of chickens that you have or plan to have, and the amount of space you have in your yard. From there, we present different styles and sizes and go through a list of questions that help us to customize the build to the your needs.
  • What do we use for materials? And how do you ensure chicken safety?
    We source the best materials available to keep your coop sturdy and safe. Here are the steps we take to ensure safety: - All wood exposed to the elements is pressure treated and/or painted/stained to protect it from the elements - Entryways are secured with latches - Runs are predator-proof with ¼” hardware cloth - Windows are secured internally with the same ¼” hardware cloth - Additional hardware cloth can be provided to install a skirt after delivery is complete
  • How long will my coop take to make?
    Our coops take differing times to build depending on the model, but on average, it takes about a week from start to finish.
  • How will my coop be shipped to me?
    Our coops are able to be picked up using most pick-up trucks and are available for delivery at an additional fee depending on the distance. If you would like to pick up your coop, then the only final installation needed is to re-attach the roofing panels, nest box and lid, and add the ridge cap using nails provided.
  • What is customizable?
    Nest box location and size; pop door location and size; siding material; paint color; access door style (or automatic); poop tray; front steps and run ladder.
  • How much does a Custom Coop cost?
    Our coops range from $1,300-10,000 depending on the style, size, and run you are interested in. Contact us today to get your design started!
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my coop to arrive?
    Please see the site prep page in the main menu!
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