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Our Favorite Products

We have put together a list of our absolute favorite products that have become essential in our daily lives on the homestead. From handy gardening tools to useful kitchen gadgets, these products have really made a difference in how we do things around our house. 

The following are affiliate links, which means we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See our full disclosure HERE.

Grain Mill

Grinding our own grains allows for fresher, more nutritious flour with better flavor and texture. Have you tried adding some freshly milled flour to your sourdough bread or baked goods?

Grains and Groceries

Azure Standard is a family owned and independent company dedicated to providing carefully chosen, affordable organic, natural and non-GMO groceries, health, household and garden products. We love buying grains in bulk, and there is just not another place like them! 

Sourdough Basket.JPG

Superbaking Sourdough Proofing Basket Set

This proofing basket comes with the essential tools to help you to kick start your bread making journey!

Digital Kitchen Scale

No matter what we do in the kitchen, we all need a scale!

Digital Scale.jpg
1L Jar.jpg

1L Glass Jar

This is very handy if you want to keep an eye on your sourdough starter and also have plenty of discard for more yummy recipes. 

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

2qt and 7qt options to bake your delicious sourdough bread.

Silicone Mat.jpg

Silicone Bread Sling

Parchment paper works fine in a pinch to keep your bread from sticking to your pot, but these reusable silicone bread slings have made things much easier.  In addition to cutting down on waste, the long handles have also helped to save a few burns!

Flour Sifter

A compact and helpful tool to save on flour and apply a nice even coat whether you need to dust your working surface or the bread itself!

Flour Sifter Glauci.JPG
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